wholesale customer program

At Anovite, we understand that many people are not ready to start their own business, but they do want to enjoy our products at the best price! Now they can with the Anovite Wholesale Customer Program.

Anovite’ Wholesale Customer Program

Not ready to start an Anovite business but love the products? We understand and want you to have the right to choose without pressure. If you’re not ready to start a business with Anovite, join our Wholesale Customer Program! Having access to wholesale pricing on our products is easy and it’s at no cost to you. Simply fill out our simple application and that’s it, you’re in!

Our Customer program benefits

  • Wholesale Pricing

    You can purchase as “if” you were an Associate. Products at Wholesale Prices!

  • Smartship Benefits

    “Credits” by setting up an automatic monthly purchase incremental 10%, 20% or 30% credit for FREE PRODUCT!

  • Referral Benefits

    Receive product credit certificates when you refer people you care about and whom you want to have a wellness experience from our products at Wholesale Pricing. When they purchase you can receive up to 10% product certificates towards your next purchase.

  • Upgrade to Business Associate

    As you experience the benefits our products provide, you may Upgrade to a Business Builder Associate and launch your business with Anovité.

wholesale customer to a business builder associate

  • When can I upgrade to a Business Builder Associate?

    Based on the time-stamp of the day you signed up as a Wholesale Customer, you may take up to two (2) months to upgrade. During this time your downline continues to grow, meaning your business has been growing before you even made the decision to be a Business Builder Associate!

  • What if I upgrade after the 2 month window?

    If you wish to upgrade after the two (2) month window, you will have to “join and launch” your business like any other new Associate and build from scratch.

  • What if I am not ready to upgrade?

    If you choose to not upgrade no problem, we are happy to keep you as a satisfied Anovité Wholesale Customer.

  • Are we different?

    Absolutely YES! This is just another way we are looking out for both our Business Builder Associates and our Wholesale Customers!

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